As with the north-west of Victoria, the East Gippsland region retains 80 percent or more of its natural vegetation cover and the wildlife is diverse and wonderful. Vast tracts of country, with endless bush tracks to explore in a quiet and natural environment, and of course plenty of exciting birds to look for. 

The climate is maritime and quite sheltered from extremes, with rainfall occurring throughout the year. Habitats include pockets of warm temperate rainforest, large areas of eucalypt forests of a wide range of species, coastal heathlands, banksia woodlands, plus ocean beaches, estuaries and wetlands. All the birds mentioned in the Great Dividing Range tour above are present including the Superb Lyrebird, but travelling further east gives us the opportunity for a range of extra species such as Wonga Pigeon, Scarlet Honeyeater, Spotted Quail-thrush, Turquoise Parrot, Glossy Black Cockatoo, Southern Emu-wren, Beautiful Firetail and Eastern Ground Parrot. 

Add to this the chance to spend a night spotlighting in Victoria’s diversity hotspot for mammals and nightbirds. Our three large Owls all reside here, Sooty, Masked and Powerful while White-throated Nightjars are present in summer plus a decent range of nocturnal mammals mean a night out is sure to be interesting.  On the coast, there are sites for the rare Hooded Plover, various migratory shorebirds including Latham’s Snipe, White-bellied Sea-Eagle and Pacific Gull amongst others. 

Cost $1,150 for 1-2 people plus $150 for each extra person. Drinks and snacks provided each day. Main meals and accommodation are extra. I will organise, can vary from camping up to 5 star depending on requirements.