Imagine touring through “empty” country, with enormous National Parks and wilderness areas. What’s more the birds here include some of Australia’s most stunningly beautiful.  The north-western corner of Victoria has the state’s lowest rainfall and sunniest and warmest climate. Highly adapted mallee, cypress pine and casuarina woodlands and riverine floodplains support a range of birds found nowhere else in Victoria. 

A diverse range of Parrots include the colourful Mulga Parrot, the rare and beautiful Regent Parrot and the extraordinary Pink Cockatoo amongst others. As well as the mallee species found further south in central Victoria, this region provides a home to some rare and highly adapted specialities such as the Malleefowl (the world’s only arid zone megapode), the endangered Mallee Emu-wren (Victoria’s only endemic bird), Striated Grasswren, Chestnut-backed Quail-thrush and Red-lored Whistler, all species high on many people’s wanted list.


 It is also the best region in Victoria to see Emu, Striped Honeyeater, Apostlebird, Chestnut-crowned Babbler, Southern Scrub-robin, Rufous Fieldwren, Black-faced Woodswallow, Black Honeyeater, Orange and Crimson Chat (in season), Crested Bellbird and White-fronted Honeyeater. To cap it off all four Victorian species of Fairy-wren occur, the Splendid, Variegated, White-winged and Superb. Quality birds in a pristine environment, with time for targeted birding at hotspots in central Victoria on the drive up and back again. 

Cost $1,150 for 1-2 people plus $150 for each extra person. Drinks and snacks provided each day. Main meals and accommodation are extra. I will organise, can vary from camping up to 5 star depending on requirements.