This tour takes in a great diversity of inland ecosystems and gives us the chance to target a number of localised and rare Aussie birds. 

The famous box-ironbark woodlands of Chiltern-Mt Pilot National Park are the best part of Victoria to see the beautiful and dainty Turquoise Parrot, whilst the nomadic Regent Honeyeater also occurs annually in small numbers but less predictably. 

At any time of year the birding in these forests is lively with an abundant diversity of woodland species.                         

The wetlands and Red Gum forests of the Murray river floodplains are an important nesting ground for the Superb Parrot which may be found in the district most of the year. In times of flooding many ephemeral wetlands fill with water and support a wide range of breeding waterbirds including Australasian and Black-backed Bittern in season. 

Finally the open plains and native grasslands of the riverina country provide an opportunity to experience the vastness of Australia’s inland regions. This is the land of drought and flooding rains, with conditions varying widely from year to year. Probably the most sought after grassland bird of the region is the Plains Wanderer. Numbers of this bird in Victoria are currently well down on normal with a low success rate. To include a spotlighting night tour to see this bird specifically is currently an add on tour at extra cost on a private property north of Deniliquin. If interested contact me for cost details. Species that may be present in the open plains and grasslands include Stubble Quail, Little Button-quail, Black Falcon, Spotted Harrier, Brown Songlark, Horsfield’s Bushlark, Emu, Banded Lapwing, White-backed Swallow, Grey-crowned Babbler, White-winged Fairy-wren and Plumed Whistling Duck amongst others.

Cost $1,150 for 1-2 people plus $150 for each extra person. Drinks and snacks provided each day. Main meals and accommodation are extra. I will organise, can vary from camping up to 5 star depending on requirements. Plains Wanderer spotlighting extra.