This tour begins, as with Tour no.3, along the Victorian Surf Coast exploring scenic ocean beaches and headlands, coastal heathlands and woodlands. 

Spending more time here gives us a greater chance of connecting with more of the elusive heathland birds and also to drive further along the scenic Great Ocean Road into the taller, denser forest of the Otway Ranges near Lorne and Wye River. This beautiful forest of towering Gums and giant Tree Ferns, similar to those found east of Melbourne in the Great Dividing Range, deliver us yet another suite of potential bird species, such as Satin Bowerbird, Australian King Parrot, Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo, Olive Whistler, Crescent Honeyeater, Bassian Thrush, Forest Raven and seasonally other wet forest species such as Rose Robin, Rufous Fantail and Satin Flycatcher. 

Time spent this far west also gives us a very high chance of seeing the iconic Koala. The day concludes with a drive of around 1 hr and 40 minutes back to Melbourne.

Cost $390 for 1-2 people, plus $50 for each extra person, includes drinks and snacks, lunch not included