Sightings of Plains Wanderers between April and June on the northern plains of Victoria. Unfortunately conditions for this bird deteriorated through spring after high rainfall.

Meanwhile some wild weather over the last month has led to some remarkable seabird sightings along the Victoria coast. At the end of May three pelagic sea-birding boat trips ran on the same weekend, from Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania, and all recorded a range of normally very rare cold water southern ocean specialities, including Grey-headed, Sooty and Light-mantled Sooty Albatrosses.  Then just a mere two weeks later an east coast low pressure system pushed some tropical seabirds way down south, with both Lesser and Greater Frigatebirds being recorded. The latter was the first seen in Victoria for over 100 years. Remarkable stuff Firetail Birdwatching Tours goes Carbon Neutral

Using a carbon calculator, each year Firetail Birdwatching Tours has made the commitment to plant enough trees on our property in northern Victoria to sequester the carbon emitted by our activities. In fact we will be planting more trees than that, as they also create a home for birds.

Watch this space for updates on the birdlife using our current revegetation area which began life some twenty years ago as well as progress with new plantings. The property is on the northern plains of Victoria, and the indigenous tree species to the area include Black Box, Buloke, River Red Gum, Grey Box, Willow Wattle and Yellow Box. Some of our original trees are now 10 metres or more high and at their most productive stage of life for sequestering carbon.