A recent report released updating the current state of play for this species in Victoria gives some cause for optimism, however the population, if it can now be called that, remains desperately low. Whereas during 2012/13 there was only one sighting of a single bird during surveys on both national park land and private properties, in 2013/14 a total of 5 birds were recorded, 2 in the national park and 3 on private land. This is still a long way off the 57 recorded in 2009/10.  Despite a significant amount of grassland returning to what is considered a suitable state for Plains Wanderers, these niches have not yet been occupied.
Equally concerning is the similar situation in parts of the NSW riverina. This unique bird is a true survivor, but now requires active management to enable it to persist into the future. This means government providing more funding to make it happen, and better relationships being developed with private landholders so that they are in a better position to do their bit as well.