Nights were spent in Melbourne-Healesvillle-Cohuna-Ouyen-Little Desert-Port Campbell-Aireys Inlet-Melbourne. 
Many birding sites visited along the way. Great weather conditions helped with great views of many rare species. 243 species of bird were recorded with nearly all seen and just a few heard onlys. 
Many great sightings, but exceptional ones included a pair of Malleefowl attending their nest mound, a beautiful adult Spotted Harrier gliding past the bus, adult Black-faced Cormorants perched on one of the Twelve Apostles, an Australian Crake with two tiny black furry chicks in tow, majestic Brolgas, Hooded Plovers at two sites, prolonged close views of a female Painted Buttonquail on the ground, a roosting family of Powerful Owls, night time viewing of Spotted Nightjars and Southern Boobook, a Red-backed Kingfisher, a mighty 21 species of Parrot and Cockatoo included Gang Gangs seen down to 3 metres, a huge flock of 200+ Regent Parrot and good numbers of the dainty Blue-winged, good views of Superb Lyrebird, both Southern and Mallee Emu-wrens, crippling views of Striated Grasswren, four species of Fairy-wren, 27 species of Honeyeater and that was without connecting with Yellow-tufted or Black-chinned !!, Rufous and Striated Fieldwrens, a stunning pair of Chestnut Quail-thrush, all 5 Victorian Woodswallow species in one day and all nine Victorian Robin species.  
A long list of mammals and reptiles were also observed, highlights being Southern Brown Bandicoot, Sugar Glider, Yellow-bellied Glider, Koala, Echidna and Sand Goanna. Group from Taiwan, with assistance from Arco. One guest passed 5,400 birds on the trip.